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Elite Customized loan Mortgage: Characteristics of the loan.

With the elite tailored loan mortgage you choose the installment you want to pay according to your possibilities. The installment that offers you loan is not monthly, as usually happens, but half-yearly and variable, allowing you to organize in the best way, composed only by the interest. The tailor-made loan mortgage allows you to apply up to a maximum limit of 80% of the value of the property and the loan can be repaid from a minimum of 10 years up to a maximum of 30 years. With the elite loan mortgage, the interest rate is not fixed, but is variable in a six-monthly way according to the Euribor reference parameter. loan allows you to optionally add insurance in the event of job loss, disability or premia. To obtain the elite loan mortgage, the applicant must be resident in Italy, Vatican City, Republic of San Marino, while non-Italian citizens have been resident in Italy for at least 5 years. To apply for the elite loan mortgage you must have a minimum age of 18 years and maximum on the day of application, the sum beten the duration of the loan and the age of the needy must be no more than 80 years. Permanent or self-employed employees have free access to the elite custom loan loan.

Elite Custom loan Mortgage: I want to request it. Such as?

Requesting a tailor-made loan mortgage via the Internet is very simple and fast . Such as? Just go to the b page of the loan bsite and click on ” take an appointment “, this will open a window that will ask you some personal data, all this to give way to the staff to contact you for your loan mortgage application customized elite . Here leave you the link for the completion of the loan , which will be accessible with a single click: . Another method is to look for the loan branch nearest you and go directly to a counter for the elite custom loan mortgage and evaluate your request with the operator, obviously you will have to bring all the useful documentation concerning the monthly income with you. and identity.

Elite Custom loan Loan: Loan refused. Why?

If you have been refused your elite loan mortgage, you most likely will not have a clean credit situation in the past. So if you have paid late installments, but only one or have not yet been paid, this will result in the registration of your name in the database , so you will be reported or protested . In this case, getting a loan will be very difficult, even if you have indebted in exaggerated way, you have never turned to a loan or you have made a loan request recently and has been refused, in this case the loan custom loan elite not you will be granted. Do you want to know your credit position? Vt the Crif bsite and request your location.

loan Mortgage Loans Elite: Loan refused. What can I do?

You have been rejected the elite custom loan loan application and you do not know what to do? are here for this! Credit is just what you re looking for. company is ready to help you even if you have a non-positive credit history. It is not important if you are reported , protested and bad payer . There are solutions and offers for you too! It is hover necessary that you have a permanent contract with a company srl, spa, cooperative, as a public or private body and that has been active for at least three months. Requesting help is very simple, you just have to complete some data necessary to allow experts to contact you and always for free and without obligation to receive a quote , after consulting.