The payroll loan is the modality of credit destined to the clients that have fixed and guaranteed income. And the Government of Maranhão offers this credit to its Public Servants.

Payment of payroll deductions is made through automatic discounts . The value comes directly from the salary or benefit of the Servants who borrow money.

That is, you do not have to pay any tickets, the debits are programmed and made by the client’s employer. The payday loan, therefore, is synonymous with quick and practical money.

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So, if you are Server of the Government of Maranhão, take advantage to know what are the main points of how this modality of credit works.

How does the Consigned Loan of the Government work?

Do you want to make a payday loan?

The Government of Maranhão authorizes the assignment in payroll for Civil Servants, Military, Retired and Pensioners of the Executive Power of the State of Maranhão.

The consignment is also available to employees of public companies and mixed-capital companies. However, in order to have the right, the interested party must have its payroll managed by the state management system.

Get to know the types of authorized payroll discounts now.

Types of authorized payroll discounts

The Government of Maranhão considers that there are two different types of payroll assignment . Namely, there is the compulsory consignment and also the optional consignment .

The compulsory one happens when the discount is made by means of force of the law or of some judicial mandate.

The optional one occurs when the discount is chosen by the Server. The second option requires prior and formal authorization.

Compulsory appropriations

Compulsory assignments are outside the decision-making power of Servers, be it active, inactive, retired or pensioner. They are carried out by force of law or judicial order.

According to article 4 of State Decree No. 28.798 / 2012 , the following situations are marked by compulsory assignment:

“I – contribution to the social security of the state public servant;

II – contribution to the general social security scheme;

III – judicial maintenance;

IV – labor income tax;

V – replacement and indemnification of the treasury;

VI – provision resulting from housing financing with funds from the State Pension and Retirement Fund of the State of Maranhão – FEPA and those resulting from contracts and agreements with bodies of the Housing Finance System:

VII – judicial or administrative decision;

VIII – monthly payment and contribution in favor of union entities, in the form of item IV of art. 8 of the Federal Constitution, and item “d” of art.282 of Law 6.107, of July 27, 1994;

IX – occupancy rate due in favor of an agency or entity of the State Executive Branch, resulting from assignment / permission to use functional real estate;

X – other compulsory discounts established by law. “

In compulsory consignments, the amount is automatically deducted from the salary, retirement or pension. Thus, the remaining balance (between right value and discounts) is what is transferred into the Server or payee account.

Optional allowances

Can a Signed Worker Make a Payroll Loan?

The optional consignments are listed in article 5 of the same State Decree. These are the consignments in which the Server requests the discounts of its own accord. The credit can be approved for:

“I – tuition fee charged for the costing of class entities, associations, foundations and clubs constituted exclusively for state public servants;

II – monthly payments in favor of cooperatives instituted in accordance with Law No. 5,764, of December 16, 1971, intended to serve the state public servant of a certain body or entity of the State Executive Branch;

III – contribution to health plans sponsored by a closed or open private pension entity that operates with pension plans, health, life insurance, monthly income and supplementary pension plans, as well as by health plan administrator;

IV – contribution provided for in Complementary Law No. 109, of May 29, 2001, sponsored by a closed or open private pension entity that operates with pecuniary, health, life insurance, monthly income and supplementary pension plans;

V – server life insurance premium covered by insurers operating with life insurance plans and monthly income;

VI – installment referring to the property acquired from other entities that finance residential real estate not included in item VI of art. 4 of this Decree;

VII – amortization of loan or financing granted by closed or open private pension entity that operates with pecuniary plan, health, life insurance, monthly income, supplementary pension and loan; cooperative constituted in accordance with Law No. 5,764, dated December 16, 1971, intended to serve the state public servant, active and inactive and the pensioner

of a particular body or entity of the State Executive Branch and banking institutions in general;

VIII – amortization of loan or financing granted by credit card.

IX – tuition fees of higher education institutions. “

Therefore, it is possible to use the optional payroll loan for the most common purposes. Thus, for example, the Server may use the amount borrowed to pay off property financing, to pay for higher courses or to pay off a credit card debt .

Learn, therefore, how to use the payroll loan for these cases and how to make the hiring.

Borrowed Consignment for State Civil Servant

The payroll loan, as already mentioned, has its monthly payments automatically deducted from the salary or benefit of each Server.

However, the Government of Maranhão controls the maximum value that can be used for this purpose.

Therefore, all Public Servants of Maranhão can use up to 35% of the value of their net payment with payroll deductible loans. Of this limit, 5% can only be used by paycheck credit card .

If you do not want to use the credit card, the customer does not have the loan limit changed. That is, the maximum is still 30% of what is shown on your paycheck.

It is worth noting that if the Server has compulsory assignments in progress, the sum of these with optional appropriations can not exceed 80% of the remuneration of the borrower.

In the Government of Maranhão, voluntary consignments are allowed to be closed at any time. Therefore, if it is in the interest of the client or the bank, the loan contract can be finalized.

Charges shall expire in the same month or the next, provided that the obligations of each party are fulfilled.

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As for the deadline for payment, the state government provides for two distinct limits. Deadlines vary according to the optional type of consignment. Current values ​​were stipulated recently, in September 2017.

For the payment of installments of a payroll loan or monthly tuition for a college course, the client has up to 96 months. That is, the maximum term is 8 years.

If the optional assignment is for discharge of financing installments, the term is another. In this situation, the customer can have up to 360 months to fully pay the credit. So, whoever finances a property, for example, has up to 30 years to pay it.

Simulation, comparison and hiring online

Compare payroll loan proposals from different banks and choose the best one for you!

Before hiring any loan, the Government Server of Maranhão should research the best deals. Each financial institution may have its own proposal for voluntary appropriations.

At this point, it is important to compare the interest rates, the Total Effective Cost of the transaction, and the limits for payment. Therefore, the online payroll loan simulator is the best tool.

In an agile way, the online simulator consults and compares the proposals of several banks with a single query. It also automatically calculates all values ​​involved in trading.

In addition, many loans can be hired over the internet. Several banks already offer this option as a practical and safe facility.

Thus, when the simulator is used and the Server can choose the best option and still contract the credit online, without bureaucracy. This way, it is easier to apply for the loan .

Now you know how the different payroll consignments of the Government of Maranhão work.

If you are interested in the payroll loan, take the opportunity to simulate now and compare the best options.

You can hire a payroll loan for Servants of the Government of Maranhão and realize their dreams without leaving home. And all this, with the same security of those who go to a bank.