The payroll loan is already one of the most requested loan modalities in the whole country. It is widely disseminated among INSS Beneficiaries and Public Employees, many people still do not know how the payroll loan for Private Employees works . The private payroll is available to those who work in private companies that are contracted to some financial institution. Therefore, it is not offered to every private employee. This credit is known to have your installments paid automatically. That is, every month the amount referring to the monthly payment of the credit is deducted directly from the employee’s payment. And that is whyRead More →

In order to benefit from the housing savings loan, the borrower must hold a home savings plan or a home savings account that opens the loan and bonus rights. This loan must be the subject of the purchase of real estate property in the new or in the old as the principal residence of the borrower or one of his family members. It can also finance the realization of work or improvement of housing intended for the principal residence. The loan rate obtained through determined by the subscription date of the savings product.  Housing savings plan: the amount, duration and rate of the loan TheRead More →

Real estate loan without contribution is financing where the whole price of the property, as well as the ancillary costs related to the operation (agency fees, notary, guarantee, etc.), are borrowed. This type of loan is also called 110% home loan . Banks are sometimes cautious in the face of these loans, so we must put all the chances on his side to make his acquisition. A mortgage without a contribution is not always easy to obtain Banks have a habit of requesting a personal contribution to their client, corresponding at least to the amount of ancillary costs. The personal contribution is a guarantee forRead More →

The payroll loan is the modality of credit destined to the clients that have fixed and guaranteed income. And the Government of Maranhão offers this credit to its Public Servants. Payment of payroll deductions is made through automatic discounts . The value comes directly from the salary or benefit of the Servants who borrow money. That is, you do not have to pay any tickets, the debits are programmed and made by the client’s employer. The payday loan, therefore, is synonymous with quick and practical money. Read also : What is Payroll Credit? So, if you are Server of the Government of Maranhão, take advantageRead More →